For over 30 years, 
we have helped 
companies maintain and 
increase their competitive
advantage through
training programs that
adopt strategic 
approaches to cost 

For sustained competitive advantage, you need to train and develop the skills and mindset of your greatest asset - your people. For over 25 years, we've helped companies maintain and increase their competitive advantage through training programs that adopt strategic approaches to cost management.

Our customizable training suite will provide your organization with the ability to:

  • Conduct in-depth supply market analyses
  • Develop sound sourcing strategies
  • Gain a clear understanding of supplier costs by developing cost models
  • Negotiate with a clear understanding of cost elements and cost drivers
  • Build robust and long-term strategic relationships with suppliers
  • Engage key stakeholders in the supply chain to develop breakthrough cost reduction strategies
  • Apply learnings to any category within the organization

Over the last 50 years, global competition has evolved to a level where technology, quality, customer service, delivery and branding are no longer sufficient to differentiate world-class companies. In order to achieve and maintain a sustained competitive advantage, firms must now provide all of the above at a lower cost than their competitors. Which is why Strategic Cost Management is now a crucial element for today's companies.

As cost management moves to the forefront of business strategy, companies are beginning to realize that in order to effectively manage costs, they must first understand the elements that comprise the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our Strategic Cost Management course delivers clear benefits:

Short Term:

  • A proven cost management toolkit that can be utilized in cost negotiations with suppliers
  • A disciplined approach for all future cost negotiations and enhanced credibility of procurement professionals
  • Techniques to obtain “quick-hits” when applied to specific situations

Long Term:

  • A foundation for mutually beneficial supplier relationships
  • The ability to be “extremely tough but wonderfully fair” with your supply base
  • Sets the stage for implementing on-going collaborative cost management strategies with your supply base using the AIM & DRIVE® process

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Our Advanced Strategic Cost Management program provides the right guidance and support needed for successfully negotiating a cost management strategy in an extremely competitive environment.

In today's world, the usual benchmarks like technology, quality, customer service, delivery and branding are no longer enough to differentiate world-class companies. To achieve and maintain a sustained competitive advantage, firms must now provide all of these factors at a lower cost than their competitors. This is precisely why strategic cost management is more critical than ever for procurement professionals.

What can you expect from Advanced Strategic Cost Management?

  • Bridge the knowing-doing gap by converting classroom knowledge into real life application
  • Receive expert level insights on applying strategic cost management concepts to build cost models and negotiation strategies
  • It demonstrates a clear learning and development return on investment
  • Immediate improvement to contract positions and sourcing strategies
  • Workshop participants complete cost models and present negotiation strategies to internal stakeholders for feedback and buy-in

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Anklesaria's AIM & DRIVE® process is designed to take organizations in a supply chain beyond leveraging volume and negotiating price to collaboratively developing and implementing breakthrough strategies.

AIM & DRIVE® helps teams develop clear, actionable cost management strategies with accountability to save costs and leverage them across the organization. It encourages suppliers to share their experiences and best practices from other industries and provide a new approach to eliminate or reduce costs.

Simply put, it's the advantage you need in a world where the fight for market share is no longer between individual firms but between rival supply chains made up of strategically aligned companies. AIM & DRIVE® will help you provide leading technology, world-class quality, on-time delivery and excellent service at a lower cost than your competitors.

Here's what to expect from the AIM & DRIVE® course:

Short Term:

  • A proven process for internal and external stakeholders to collaborate and develop supply chain cost management strategies
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities beyond the obvious purchase price
  • Immediate quantitative and qualitative benefits/ability to gain support and funding for future projects from management after going through the AIM & DRIVE® Cost Challenge

Long Term:

  • A foundation and checklist for ongoing cost management within the organization
  • Improved relationships with suppliers achieved through collaboration on cost management strategies

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Financial difficulties can affect any company at any time. That's why it's the responsibility of every supply chain professional to understand the financial health of one's supply chain. Analyzing the financial health of suppliers is critical not only when selecting suppliers but also while doing business with them.

Our financial analysis course strengthens the foundation for supply chain professionals, while helping them gain insights into their supply chain.

You can expect the following benefits from this course:

  • Learn where to look for financial information
  • Become skilled at reading financial statements and extracting insights
  • Understand ratios that reveal the health of a company
  • Learn to integrate financial insights along with SWOT analysis to form a strong foundation for supply market analysis

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It's one of the value propositions of a supply chain or procurement organization: the development and execution of sound sourcing strategies. Without a comprehensive structured process, it's difficult to create and implement these strategies.

Our Strategic Sourcing process will provide your sourcing teams with an easy-to-follow yet robust process that delivers value time and time again.

What can you expect from this course?

In the short-term:

  • An effective sourcing process that can be immediately applied in one's job.
  • Creation of real-life sourcing strategy for a selected category during the class.

In the long-term:

  • A framework for managing individual supplier relationships.
  • A structured process to source products and services that ensures the creation of a winning supply base that will provide a sustainable long-term competitive advantage.
  • A thorough understanding of internal requirements, knowing the supply market, selecting the “right” suppliers, and determining appropriate negotiation and relationship management strategies.
  • Documented sourcing strategies to ensure business process continuity and easier personnel transitions.
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It's not just enough to equip your team with critical supply market knowledge to make effective sourcing decisions. It's also essential to enable your team to gather supply market knowledge on their own. This includes understanding and evaluating suppliers, their competition, their industry and their long term implications on your business.

Our Supply Market Analysis course provides participants with hands-on training to quickly gather, evaluate and assimilate critical industry information into intelligent market analysis reports. These reports will then form the basis of a sound sourcing or negotiation strategy.

Here's what you can expect from our course:

  • Introduction to a variety of data sources to learn more about their respective supply markets
  • A strong foundation of techniques that can be used to build sourcing or negotiation strategy
  • A deeper understanding of the interdependence of supply markets and trends within their own industry
  • Data driven negotiations supported by updated market intelligence 
  • Reinforcement of concepts learned in the Strategic Cost Management course
  • Information database that ensures business continuity and easier personnel transition
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Our Supplier Relationship Management course will help you understand the importance and objectives of implementing an SRM program. It will then teach you the various steps in implementing an SRM process framework and gain better knowledge of the buyer and supplier relationship.

 knowledge of the buyer and supplier relationship.

Some of the benefits you can expect from this program include:

  • A disciplined approach to the creation of value from post-award contract management
  • A step-by-step guide on how to implement a robust SRM program
  • Access to SRM templates for each step in the process framework
  • Techniques for engaging with different types of suppliers
  • Ability to be 'the Customer of Choice' for critical suppliers
  • A foundation for implementing collaborative SRM strategies and building mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers
  • Learn more about our Supplier Relationship Management course by downloading the brochure

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Why does your organization need a commercial viability assessment? The main reason it is essential is to evaluate the profitability and sustainability of bids submitted by potential suppliers to ensure smooth and sustained operations going forward.

This program uses financial documents, industry benchmarks, and other data to evaluate the financial viability of projects based on bids submitted by companies.

Anklesaria's Commercial Viability Assessment training will provide you with a clear process and methodology with tools and templates that will enable you to conduct this assessment on your own.

Some of the benefits of conducting this assessment are:

  • Developing a sustained competitive advantage
  • Understanding cost structures and projections better
  • Leveraging knowledge to ensure sustained operations
  • Developing an understanding of the category and market
  • Using knowledge gained for negotiations
  • Learn more about our Commercial Viability Assessment course by downloading the brochure

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