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Anklesaria, an established and recognized leader in the field of cost management, and WTP Buynamics, an innovator in the field of cost modeling software solutions, today announced a joint venture partnership to bring world-class cost management software to the world.

Anklesaria, has always wanted to transform their IP into ‘buyer friendly’ software. WTP has proven that they can do this. They have been able to translate complex data and mathematical models into an extremely user-friendly and pragmatic SaaS tool.

Chairman Jimmy Anklesaria commented on the partnership: “After 35 years of working with the biggest and best companies across the world, sharing my cost modeling methodology via training and coaching, I felt it was time to provide a set of tools that enable users to effectively use the techniques they learned in our classes.  We had just begun development of a software toolset when we were introduced to Robert and his team at WTP Buynamics.  We were really impressed with the team, the vision, and, most importantly, the culture.  Our discussion led to a common goal of creating a user-friendly program that embodies the Anklesaria Cost Management toolset.  It is an honour for us to partner with them in creating a data-driven process of cost modeling that will bring value to the customer and a sense of fairness for the supplier.”

Robert Driessen, founder and CEO of WTP Buynamics, a Spend Matters Almanac Top 50 Vendor to Watch, explained: “We continuously invest in our technology, and as a result, we have monthly new software releases. We are incredibly honoured that a company like Anklesaria, the number one authority in the field of should cost pricing, has chosen to entrust us with its data and knowledge to further develop the software in an intensive partnership. By the way, the basis of the collaboration was not the knowledge and expertise, but a personal match and overlap in culture and values. The partnership with Anklesaria gives us overnight access to a wide range of customers. The combined solution is a very powerful tool that not only highlights how organizations can save money through improved negotiations but can also contextualize the opportunity in real dollar terms.”

Within this partnership, cost modules will be developed that provide insight into the cost price structure of services, manufacturing within specific countries, and price discipline. The first solutions will be available soon.

 About Anklesaria

Anklesaria trains and coaches companies around the world in the field of cost management. Over the past 35 years Anklesaria has developed multiple proprietary cost management techniques based on Jimmy Anklesaria’s books, Zero Base Pricing: Achieving World Class Competitiveness Through Reduced All-in-Cost and Supply Chain Cost Management: The AIM & DRIVE® Process for Achieving Extraordinary Results. Through their training, coaching and consulting services, Anklesaria has saved their clients tens of billions of dollars and transformed many of them into world-class supply chain organizations.  The company operates from its headquarters in Del Mar, U.S.A. and has an extensive network of trainers and clients across the world, and across many different industries.

About WTP Buynamics

WTP Buynamics offers vendor rating software (VRS) in order to measure the performance of suppliers, and data-based should cost software which gives insight in all commodity prices and cost drivers due to big data. The SaaS tool offers market price data on thousands of resources. Provides customized reports in a variety of formats. Within minutes it offers buyers a lot of information they can use to get better results in their negotiations. WTP and VRS are tools offered by Buynamics, based in The Netherlands.

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